Three artists of note

I went to some gallery shows and would like to show you work by three young people, two at the start of something interesting, and one who has made a massive leap into something very special.

Joe Mulford

These are from a series of self portraits dealing with his autism and feelings of self-worth. I really like the mix of technical experimentation (in-camera and post-processing) and attempting to universalise the personal.

Best place to see his work is his Instagram stream.

Georgia Sandy

From a series titled Bacterial Veneer, these are gorgeously lit photos of cultures grown from samples taken from individuals, creating a portrait of the person through their microbiome. What excites me about this work is where she might take it next. So many possibilities...

Best place to see her work is her Facebook page.

Both Joe and Georgia were seen at the Far Out Brum show of nine young emerging photographers/artists.

Lewes Herriot

If you've been watching the local music scene in Birmingham over the last decade you'll have seen Lewes' art on gig flyers and posters. I first came across him in 2007, as recorded on this early Created in Birmingham post. Eleven years later he has a solo show of recent work at Artefact, and it's one of the best shows of this sort I've seen in a long time.

This new body of work, titled The Glass Arcana, comprises a series of 23 pictures in the style of tarot cards but representing, or dramatising maybe, the personal. They also represent a dramatic improvement that, having been aware of his work for so long, is a delight to see. It's like something has clicked and it's all come together.

A big part of their success is the printing, by Joseph from the Holodeck, who also put together the gorgeous exhibition book. The colours of the prints sing out, while the book has a muted, vintage comic book feel. The jpegs above feel cheap in comparison.

His show runs at Artefact in Stirchley until April 28th after which at least one of the pieces can be found on our living room wall. (Fiona needs to have a good think on her shortlist of six - I've got the book so I'm good.)

Lewes has a portfolio site and a shop from where you can buy said prints.

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