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Update your Feed Reader! This blog has been mothballed. Sep 14, 2020 Every few years I like to completely change my blogging setup. And it’s that time again. Having spread everything around I’m now experimenting with Revising the 1972 Project Aug 19, 2020 After making my video last Autumn, The 1972 Project has stalled somewhat, thanks to something that happened around March. It’s also mutated because Starmer has effectively introduced a Twitter policy Jun 26, 2020 In the light of my recent post about social media literacy I’ve been looking for a nice example to illustrate how it might work in practice, and We desperately need social media literacy or the fascists will win Jun 23, 2020 Get off the Internet I’ll meet you in the street Get off the Internet Destroy the right wing Le Tigra, 2001 Fiona was telling me about an History is constantly being “erased”, and that’s OK. Jun 12, 2020 That Boris Johnson is a fool hiding under the cloak of intellectualism is not in dispute, but sometimes he utters a nonsense that is actually worth Last week a jigsaw saved my life May 18, 2020 Six weeks into lockdown, or whatever it was a week ago, and things were still weird. In some ways they were weird because they were still weird. Lost in Bluster May 11, 2020 The Prime Minister’s speech Sunday night was… interesting. The basic message was pretty sensible - until the virus is under control nothing should Insomnia Journal 07 May 20 May 7, 2020 It’s not strictly insomnia as once I get to sleep sometime around dawn I’ll likely be out for at least 8 hours, if not more, but insomnia is usually Stirchley Safari May 2, 2020 Inspired by the disconcertingly addictive Wild Earth livestreamed South African safaris (seriously, go check them out) and being aware that over the Whales on the Hudson Apr 30, 2020 I needed a bit of perking up the other night so I rewatched Ant-Man & The Wasp, one of the Marvel movies that is funny, fun and above all really Closing the Covid browser tabs Apr 24, 2020 I’ve been in a bit of a slump these last few days, knowing I’ve got things I could be doing but not finding the will or energy to do them. The Solving (a bit of) the Coronavirus from home Apr 16, 2020 When I read about the Folding@Home project the other day I immediately installed it on the powerful PC I got a few years ago to do machine learning Stopping Apr 9, 2020 Somebody noted the other day that I hadn’t written anything about [gestures at everything] which they felt was surprising, and yes, I have wanted to A proposal to support independent businesses that cannot survive social distancing Mar 17, 2020 This last week has been many things, few of them good. One of the things has been the realisation that many of the businesses that I want to see A modest proposal for slowing down cars Feb 26, 2020 Over the last year I’ve found myself getting more and more angry with motorists. it doesn’t help that I live in the UK’s motor city, designed for Cross City Walks - the movie Feb 6, 2020 Five years ago Andy Howlett and I undertook a bunch of walks in straight lines across Birmingham. We called them Cross City Walks and it became Our Good composition is ideologically fraught Feb 2, 2020 Last weekend I was running a Photo School Composition Workshop for the first time, meaning I’d been immersing myself in “good” photography and Short Reviews of Films Jan 11, 2020 Like many of you, I spent a reasonable amount of time this Winter watching films and telly. With a couple of months left to watch films and telly, Understanding Gilliam, and other men of a certain age Jan 4, 2020 Oh, Terry Gilliam. Terry Gilliam faces backlash after labeling #MeToo a ‘witch-hunt’ Terry Gilliam on diversity: ‘I tell the world now I’m a black Grace Lee’s talk: Diary, Discourse and Demonetisation Dec 29, 2019 Grace Lee does good video essays, but she also has lots of thoughts about the pseudo-academic meta-stuff around video essays, and I love that kind
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