Election notes

Some thoughts which I may not stand by as times passes, and will add in the short term.

The realignment of the parties to something resembling the USA’s demographics is kinda fascinating. The left is more urban than ever while the right is a coalition of the wealthy and the working not-quite-poor.

Swings I’ve seen so far imply Farage damaged Labour more than the Conservatives. Labour’s losses aren’t always reflected in a Tory gain with the Brexit Party spoilers mopping them up. It’ll be interesting to see who gets those votes next time.

Labour feels finished as a coherent party while the Conservatives have again put their desire for power above ideology. A left-wing party winning with an ideological purity is not going to happen. Hell, any of the tribes from centrist to leftist is doomed. What’s probably needed is a coalition of compromise, but the left really likes arguing with itself much more than actually winning power.

That Wolverhampton result is pretty telling. No Farage vote to speak of - just a double-figure swing from Labour to Tory. Looks like the Black Country is going right-wing, along with bits of Birmingham, if the Northfield and Erdington projections are correct. This idea of the traditional white working class vote moving to the right feels correct.

Silver lining of Goldsmith Jr losing quite decisively, given his daddy started this whole Brexit nonsense back in the day. (Remember those VHS tapes he sent to everyone in the 90s?)

Noting that Liverpool hasn’t turned blue. Liverpool is, of course, the area that doesn’t buy the Murdoch tabloid, which has had some interesting effects.

Be really interested to see if there’s been an increase in marginals in this election.

Missing Dimbleby. Huw Edwards doesn’t seem to know how elections work.

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