Instructions for Humans - Day 6

Busy day with a good number of visitors including Karen C who has taken on the challenge of transcribing the recordings of me talking to people. I must stress she volunteered for this and professes to enjoy it, which is astonishing as I can't think of anything worse than copying down the product of my brain attempting to squeeze coherence through my mouth. She's not transcribing verbatim, more summarising the key points so I can review, and it's already really useful. I haven't had a chance to review properly yet though. Maybe over the weekend.

Speaking of which, I promised a weekly email to the newsletter subscribers and that's already a week overdue, so it'll come out on Sunday, I promise.

In the evening I went to #accordingtotheinternet, an event at Vivid as part of m'goodfriend Antonio's No Copyright Infringement Intended show where Gretchen Andrew was talking about and demonstrating her practice of taking over Google Image Search results for particular keywords, as an art practice. Lots to unpack, particularly stuff about representation (she's working on altering the results for Naked Woman) and the ethics of what could be called spamming. Gretchen calls herself an Internet Imperialist, which I like, and I may integrate her techniques into the show. What aspect of Birmingham shall we change?

At the event it was good to bump into Emily Roderick whose work was very helpful in the planning for my show. I really wanted to her to be involved and it turns out she can! Her art degree requires her to do industry placements and working with me at BOM would probably count towards that. Woo! I think I'm going to get her to help me devise artistic strategies to make sense of the information Karen has helped make coherent.

(Both Emily and Karen are quite short. I should make clear this is not a requirement for working with me.)

(Also, this is a different Emily to Emily Warner who will be starting to work with me in October and performing in November. While I welcome anyone I think more Emilys could get confusing.)

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