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Public Speaking and the Monoform Nov 27, 2018 Maggie Mae Fish’s analysis of the fascism in Fight Club contains multitudes and is well worth your time if you’re interesting in how what seemed Debating Fascism and Understanding Mogg Nov 10, 2018 Two articles that could be considered related that I wanted to write about at slightly longer length than the usual Sunday Reads. I remember in the Sunday Reads Nov 3, 2018 Greenhouses in Southern Spain by Jay Owens, my go-to for explaining cultural stuff that makes me feel old, and she does it in such a wonderful way. Bunny Butt Master Oct 25, 2018 So I continue to go to the Fat Fluffs rabbit sanctuary on a Wednesday morning when I can, which is about 3-4 times a month. Officially Fi and I take Sunday Reads Oct 21, 2018 Usually every fortnight, but this one’s a week late because, yes, new job but also my mum came to visit and, hey, priorities people. Rege’s style Mental Labour Scars Oct 20, 2018 During a presentation by Michael Lightborne I tonight I was struck by a couple of things he mentioned to illustrate a broader point he was making The Revolution will be Laminated Oct 20, 2018 The other day I was making signs at Loaf and Nancy asked if I wanted to laminate them. God, no, I said. Of course not. These are “proper” signs, and Sunday Reads Sep 29, 2018 I think there’s a thread to be found in this fortnight’s selection of medium-long-form articles and essays for you to engage with on a lazy Sunday. Sunday Reads Sep 16, 2018 Feels like a light bunch of reads this fortnight. Maybe because of the new job I haven’t been deep-diving so much, but maybe this is a good thing. Lindsay Ellis on YouTube, on Manufacturing Authenticity on YouTube Sep 12, 2018 I discovered Lindsay Ellis a few months ago as this person who does deep-dive video essays on nerdy subjects in a way that isn’t shite and have The danger of meaning Sep 3, 2018 I would comfortably say that I'm often searching for meaning in things. This feels like a good thing to do, to not accept face values but to prod Pretty Trauma Sep 3, 2018 With some trepidation I watched the first episode of season two of The Handmaids Tale the other night. The first season had been very good but I'd Sunday Reads Sep 2, 2018 A currently biweekly digest of longer-form writings and the occasional video I would like to commend to you for a lazy Sunday morning. This Chamberlain Clock Sep 1, 2018 On a number of Birmingham's traffic islands you'll find these iron clocks painted green. They're total heritage but because they often have no ForceNav Aug 28, 2018 Because I only learned to drive a few years ago I've never driven to a new place outside my neighbourhood without some kind of satellite The Black Menagerie Aug 27, 2018 I'm a sucker for a metaphor, especially when it comes with an unnecessarily overblown title, so I was delighted to come across the Menagerie of JFDI broke the world Aug 25, 2018 Back in the old social media optimism days the acronym JFDI was popular, especially amongst those advocating for a more liberal adoption of online Storing electricity in gravity Aug 22, 2018 Kottke brings news of a novel way to store electricity for later use using cranes and concrete blocks. During times of excess solar/hydro/wind I now work at Loaf Aug 22, 2018 I've taken a fixed-hours salaried job at Loaf bakery and cookery school in Stirchley. If you've been following me for a decade or so you'll know Slomo Bees Aug 21, 2018 One of the plots on Fiona's allotment has bee hives, so naturally I filmed them at 240fps. Next page