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Are You Satisfied? Aug 8, 2018 Last August a message went around the Birmingham art grapevine saying Rachel Maclean needed unpaid extras for a film she was making in the Bullring Coverups Aug 6, 2018 Graffiti Removals collects examples of covering over graffiti with areas of paint that don't match the underlying colour of the wall or object that A Parasol in a Camera Obscura Aug 6, 2018 A while back I came into ownership of a hydroponics tent, a 2 metre cube which can be zipped closed to create a microclimate for the growing of Sunday Reads Aug 5, 2018 Will this be a regular feature? Who can tell? Maybe I'll try and schedule it for Sunday morning in future. My memory of Speed Racer was of a fairly The inclusionary, exclusionary Ode to Joy Aug 4, 2018 We don't really talk about "surfing the web", particularly now we're supposed to be getting our stuff from algorithmically optimised Oak Apple Orchestra at If Wet, 2014 Aug 4, 2018 Paul Gittins presented an early version of his Oak Apple Orchestra at If Wet #20 in 2014. The Oak Apple Orchestra comprises of small electric clocks Stirchley Fields Aug 2, 2018 I swear, this heatwave has made Birmingham look like it's in another country. Which I guess, climate-wise, it is. The joy of successfully holding a rabbit Aug 1, 2018 Every Wednesday morning, Fiona and/or I go to Fat Fluffs rabbit sanctuary to volunteer. We've occasionally helped with cleaning and such but this Spider Sunset Aug 1, 2018 Taken on Kerry's allotment, where we have started having sunset chats. It is unsurprisingly quite hard to focus on a spider in a breeze. Daisy Eris Campbell's guide to artmaking in a world of chaos Jul 31, 2018 Circa 2001, when I was having a non-malignant cancerous growth removed from my face right next to my eye, which I'm only now realising could be Bonfoton's €27 Camera Obscura lens Jul 31, 2018 Chatting with Jonny G about a potential collaboration putting lenses in one of his and Dale H's sculptures I find myself looking for examples on the Brexo Jul 31, 2018 The first issue of The Beano was published 80 years ago this week. Martin Rowson's tribute in today's Guardian cartoon is quite divine. Click for Matters Jul 30, 2018 Like many cities, I'm sure, Birmingham has an underbelly of instrumental rock. Prefix it with post- math- motorik- whatever-, you know it when you DoodleChaos's Line Rider compositions Jul 29, 2018 Line Rider is an old game where you draw lines and then see if a character can sled down them using basic physics. Like all these things it's been Should we bloggers own the fuckawful state of news media? Jul 29, 2018 Roy Greenslade is one of those old guard media types - edited the Mirror in the 90s - so his survey of what happened to the dream of the news-based I have become Stewart Lee Jul 29, 2018 Stewart Lee's Content Provider standup show is on iPlayer for the next month, so consider this a heads up for those who like Stewart Lee. A decade Lizzy Mercier Descloux Jul 28, 2018 Always nice to come across a completely new-to-me musician and then discover they were mostly active when I was a kid. Just shows there's so much The Queer Art of Failing Better 🔗 Jul 28, 2018 Loads of good stuff here from Laurie Penny about Queer Eye, a Netflix programme about which I could say much should I feel inclined. I tend to Damp Bumninster Jul 28, 2018 The rabbits haven't seen rain now for two months. It just rained. I don't think Bunminster remembered what to do so he just kept eating (and tinysubversions netart Jul 28, 2018 This is an important thread if you like wonderful, magical Twitter bots. Like Allison, this policy change is a last straw for me and I'm no Next page