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As the world shuts down, Spring Mar 25, 2020
As the world shuts down, Spring Mar 25, 2020 A proposal to support independent businesses that cannot survive social distancing Mar 17, 2020 This last week has been many things, few of them good. One of the things has been the realisation that many of the businesses that I want to see A modest proposal for slowing down cars Feb 26, 2020 Over the last year I’ve found myself getting more and more angry with motorists. it doesn’t help that I live in the UK’s motor city, designed for Cross City Walks - the movie Feb 6, 2020 Five years ago Andy Howlett and I undertook a bunch of walks in straight lines across Birmingham. We called them Cross City Walks and it became Our Good composition is ideologically fraught Feb 2, 2020 Last weekend I was running a Photo School Composition Workshop for the first time, meaning I’d been immersing myself in “good” photography and Short Reviews of Films Jan 11, 2020 Like many of you, I spent a reasonable amount of time this Winter watching films and telly. With a couple of months left to watch films and telly, Understanding Gilliam, and other men of a certain age Jan 4, 2020 Oh, Terry Gilliam. Terry Gilliam faces backlash after labeling #MeToo a ‘witch-hunt’ Terry Gilliam on diversity: ‘I tell the world now I’m a black Grace Lee’s talk: Diary, Discourse and Demonetisation Dec 29, 2019 Grace Lee does good video essays, but she also has lots of thoughts about the pseudo-academic meta-stuff around video essays, and I love that kind Star Wars is Over (in a good way) Dec 20, 2019 I have a not-serious rule that the only people whose opinions about Star Wars count are those under 16, ie children, and those between 45 and 55, ie Election notes Dec 13, 2019 Some thoughts which I may not stand by as times passes, and will add in the short term. The realignment of the parties to something resembling the How to read articles on websites that don’t want you to read their articles Nov 23, 2019 This is an article about bypassing pseudo-paywalls on websites that are on the open web but which stop you reading after a certain point. Before I Uranium Club Nov 19, 2019 New band I like klaxon. For all it’s sins and long-term concerns, the Spotify algorithm is weirdly effective. I suspect there’s something about the RIP Tom Spurgeon Nov 14, 2019 I haven’t been involved in the world of comics and comic books for a long time but through the 90s and into the early 2000s I was definitely part of Introducing Notes, my new microblog Nov 4, 2019 So I have a new blog. It’s a microblog, which is what the kids are calling tumbleblogs and status streams these days. It’s short form and designed Lindelof’s Watchmen, and the creative employment of corporate IP Oct 22, 2019 So I watched Watchmen, the new HBO series based on the comic published by their fellow Warners subsidiary DC, and it was good. Time will tell if Eisenhower and the Hippies Oct 8, 2019 Back in the late 1990s I became enamoured with the surf-punk band Man or Astro-Man who, if you’re not familiar with, I strongly recommend. They’re The Widelux, as used by Jeff Bridges Sep 29, 2019 Kottke featured some widescreen photos taken by Jeff Bridges on the set of various movies over the last few decades using a Widelux film camera and Media with Edges Sep 25, 2019 In the recent edition of his (highly recommended and excellent) Roden newsletter, Craig Mod talks at length about the contracts we enter into with Art-trip to Liverpool Sep 23, 2019 Fiona needed to go to Liverpool to claim her Irish citizenship as a descendent of the diaspora, via the application for a passport, something that Sunday Reads - spinning tops, Nazis, Icelandic art, microbiomes, Greta and the social rituals of maintenance. Sep 22, 2019 The return of my occasional listing of things I read on the internet and want to share with you because they made me think… A Short Film of Spinning
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