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Subsequent Notes from Pete

July 12, 2018 12 minute read

Thinking about what I might do next, and more importantly how I might make it happen.

Even More Notes from Pete

May 01, 2018 5 minute read

Optical Array, DuckRabbit, Fiona News, Audre Lorde, Fascists, Good People, Hire Me.

Some More Notes from Pete

April 17, 2018 5 minute read

RIP Joy, Stellar, Young Brummie Artists, Recommended Reading, Newsletters of Note, Holotable On.

Three artists of note

April 10, 2018 1 minute read

I went to some gallery shows and would like to show you work by three young people.

More Notes from Pete

April 10, 2018 6 minute read

Rabbits, Recommended Reading, Art News and Music Corner.

Notes from Pete

March 22, 2018 4 minute read

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