A Parasol in a Camera Obscura

A while back I came into ownership of a hydroponics tent, a 2 metre cube which can be zipped closed to create a microclimate for the growing of plants that cannot be grown outside. While I have no desire to grow plants, it also happens to be 2 metre cube which can be zipped close to block all light from entering. Which is obviously of interest to me as a camera obscura making person.

Unfortunately the tent I was gifted didn't have all the parts to make the frame, so before I invested in making a new frame I hung it from the pergola to see if it was obscura worthy. I kinda knew it would be because Lightplay Sam has been using an insideout tent in Devon for a while now with great results. But this also let me get some proper measurements.

Duct taping a +1 lens (see previous for explanation) between the zips worked very nicely and got me thinking of some new ways to work with the image. The focal plane of the projection is essentially a dome and I thought about making a curved screen to rear-project onto. Then it occurred to me that an umbrella is a curved screen and that we had a white parasol in the house.

While photos were tricky, it worked very well and I definitely want to pursue this line of thinking, which is why I'm posting this.

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