Uranium Club

New band I like klaxon. For all it’s sins and long-term concerns, the Spotify algorithm is weirdly effective. I suspect there’s something about the way the consumption of music is structured that lends itself to a relationship-based data structure that actually produces useful results all the time (as opposed to say, Amazon recommends which are occasionally useful, probably enough to justify their existence, but most of the time are bobbins because shopping data isn’t relation-y enough).

So there in my recommends is a band called Uranium Club who are obscure enough not to have a description on Spotify or a Wikipedia page but who have three albums out. They catch my ear and I immediately think they’re from the late-70s, early 80s, but they’re pretty current. That’s not a surprise as all current music sounds like old music these days. We’re fully in the recycling era of cultural production which is no bad thing. Originality is overrated so may hay while capitalism eats itself.

Other than liking what I hear, I’m intrigued by how I can’t place exactly who they sound like. There’s a fair chunk of Devo in there and that Canadian punk band U-J3RK5 from the late 70s, so plenty of experimental new-wave, but also this nervy, angular shouty thing. It’s very much of a time, but I’d struggle to go further, and that’s OK.

Obviously they’re on Spotify but if you’d rather avoid that silo four of their records are on Bandcamp via Static Shock Records (who also have a lot of current noisy post-punky bands by the looks of things).