Further Notes from Pete

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Been VERY BUSY of late which means no time to write or reflect on stuff, which is never good. But at the same time it's nice to be busy. I was hoping June was going to be a bit quieter but nope.

Next week I'll hear about a big fellowship application I spent most of the Spring working on. If I get it, everything changes as there's a nice lump of cash attached. If I don't I'll be actively looking for work. Of course I'm always looking for work, being a freelance type. If you're the sort that employs arty freelancers please do keep this in mind!

Anyway, this newsletter is more publicity than personal musings or pointing at things. I have a few things happening that you may have subscribed to this to hear about, so here goes.

The Open Zine Archive exhibition of all my zines and self-published comics from the 1990s was on Saturday and blew everyone's minds, including mine as I hadn't opened those boxes in 15 years. Artefact are keeping it open all week if you fancy a dig through literally THOUSANDS of photocopied pamphlets, particularly if you have ideas for what to do with them all.

I was commissioned by Artists Network to write a comment piece on an event they ran in Birmingham called Assembly. This was fun as I haven't written this sort of thing for a while and it was like putting on an old glove. People have said nice things about it.

Next week members of the Black Hole Club will be in mini-residency at Artspace Arcadia Gallery, a shopping centre unit near the IKEA, making art and mucking about with tech for three days. Come say hi.

  • Thurs 28 - Sat 30 June
  • Open to the public 12-3pm.
  • Arcadia Gallery, 32 City Arcade, Coventry

Speaking of Black Hole Club, the next group show there is Another Dimension and it opens next Friday for a week. I have a camera obscura-related piece in it.

BOM, where I had my exhibition last year, are running one of their occasional Art & Tech Social events on July 7th where I, amongst many other artists, technologists, writers and researchers, will be speaking and discussing Artificial Intelligence in all its myriad manifestations. I'm expecting this to be at the intersection of formal and relaxed and will be a first opportunity to see the new BOM after the major refurbishment.

I'm starting some Intermediate Photography classes this summer on a number of post-beginners subjects. I'm about to formally launch them in the Photo School newsletter but here's a sneak peak:

I plan to write more soon, reflecting on stuff that's happened and working through some things. The "autism" diagnosis has proven interesting and Fiona and I have started volunteering regularly at Fat Fluffs, the rabbit sanctuary, with the intention of broadening our rabbit care wisdom. And, of course, the outcome of this application will be within the fortnight, which will prompt more writing.

Up next Even More Notes from Pete Near Now Fellowship Application An unsuccessful funding application that I'm keen to do anyway on my own terms.
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